“Hannah is a wonderful practitioner. She first introduced me to Feldenkrais and even now, years later, that I am studying to be a practitioner myself, I still see her regularly, and regularly recommend her to friends and colleagues. Every class is surprising, rewarding and educational, and every time I leave I feel present, grounded yet light, and well cared for.
Hannah is calm, incredibly talented and endlessly patient with me!  A Functional Integration class with her is like pressing Reset:  The whole system benefits, mind, body, emotions…
I learn a lot through Hannah, and she makes me feel good!”



“This class brings a real sense of how the body can move in an integrated way and makes you connect with your body. Hannah has a great delivery- both educational and relaxing classes”



“One of the most eye-opening and fascinating classes I’ve ever been to. Feldenkrais classes have facilitated my body’s healing and recovery from back pain. Also, I’ve discovered so much freedom of movement that I never felt was possible. I can’t recommend this practise strongly enough”



“Wonderful, Magic, Thank you”



“I’m so glad I found Hannah as my Feldenkrais teacher.  She has not only changed my posture but she has explained the process along the way so I can further improve myself.  I thoroughly recommend her – and have done so to my friends – who she has also helped. –Claire
Hannah’s Feldenkrais classes have a gentleness and playfulness about them that makes me look forward to them no matter how tired – or stiff – I am. Far from going for the burn or pushing ourselves to the limits – both anathema in Feldenkrais – Hannah encourages us to be gentle with our bodies and to celebrate and explore – often extraordinary! – new movements, and to enjoy what we can do and be aware of what we can’t, and to experience what is right for us and our bodies, not some externally imposed target. 

This often feels like a profoundly counter-cultural expectation that can lead to some surprising new discoveries and awareness – not to mention an ability to feel as if I’m actually able to stand up straight again after a class.

And Hannah’s one to one sessions are another surprise. The whole process is so gentle and subtle it’s easy to feel nothing is happening – until I stand up afterwards: coming back for a session after a long period of recovery from an injury, I waddled in like a stiff penguin, and walked out afterwards feeling able to enjoy moving my feet and feeling  the sensation of the ground under my feet again.”



“I’m delighted to have found Hannah who is a very patient and attentive teacher. My time with her is always enjoyable as she gently guides me to rediscover an inner connection with my body and how it can move freely.  Hannah is always fully focused as she calmly gains information about what I’m bringing into the room and what I’m hoping to achieve. I’m impressed with her ability to adapt and engage whilst communicating the necessary subtle body adjustments.
With only a limited knowledge of what Feldencrais could offer, my first lesson was a bit of an experiment, but I’m so pleased that I gave it a go!”


Children’s Sessions

“Hannah has been treating our daughter Lua for about one and a half years now. In that time we’ve been through a lot. Lua was born with a development delay in her gross motor and speech. She wasn’t sitting up until one year old and now at 3 and a half she is starting to walk independently. Lua was diagnosed with a very serious illness at 20 months old. She needed a number of operations and long difficult treatment that added to her delay. This left her in a very vulnerable place. Since we started with Hannah she has been amazingly supportive and very accommodating to our situation. Her approach to working with a chronically ill and unconfident child has been loving, gentle and consistently encouraging.

We started out using a physiotherapist but we soon felt that it was too aggressive for our child . It was neither inspiring Lua to progress nor building her confidence. Feldenkrais technique is very different, it works in a holistic way allowing the child to develop her full potential. Hannah is now Lua’s friend and ours, too. She has a wonderful way of playing with Lua, really following her needs and her flow. She has made a massive difference to the life of our child.

Hannah has shown a level of commitment to our little girl far beyond what we expected when I made that first call to her all that time ago. She has grown to become an important person in Lua’s life and we feel very fortunate to have her.”

Jim and Maria


“The Feldenkrais approach has helped and continues to help me refine my understanding of my body. Feldenkrais helps my habits appear as positive resources from which to discover more range and capacity. In recovering from an injury to my ribs and sternum, FI work has been invaluable for helping me re-learn and re-integrate my moving – useful for my confidence, creating and performing.”

Ali, dance artist and movement director