1176467_calm_childFeldenkrais can profoundly help children with special needs to progress. In sessions with children I have a playful and empathetic approach. I use clear, gentle movements and focus to provide learning experiences which help children develop beyond their current limitations.

By focusing on connecting with the child and building on their current abilities, rather than ‘fixing’ them, sessions help both child and parent to unwind, focus, learn and grow.

I am one of only a few practitioners of JKA, the Jeremy Krauss Approach for working with children with special Needs, in the UK. This Feldenkrais Method based approach supports children to overcome their challenges through a process of progressive developmental abilities formation.

Feldenkrais can benefit children with:

  • Cerebral Palsy & Hemi-plegia
  • Brain damage
  • Global learning difficulties
  • Undiagnosed developmental delays
  • Downs Syndrome

Children are extremely responsive to movement and relevant sensory information. Feldenkrais works by communicating through touch and movement to facilitate the formation of new neural connections and patterns.

A child’s ability to notice what they feel from their moving body, together with other sensory feedback, is essential for creating new neuro-connections.  Feldenkrais sessions help the child’s brain to use this information in a productive way. As movement improves this in turn awakens their sensing, feeling and thinking.

Functional benefits include:

  • greater ease of movement
  • improved ability to roll, crawl, walk…
  • better balance
  • improved speech
  • greater problem solving skills

Other benefits include:

  • improved confidence and mood
  • increased alertness and awareness of surroundings
  • better sleep

Children can benefit from Feldenkrais at any age

Aime skeleton

By Aime, age 5

However, early intervention is ideal. Children often learn readily and can move on quickly but each child learns at their own pace. While it is a process, early signs of change are often seen quickly.

This approach can work in conjunction with other therapies or provide a serious alternative for parents who have found other approaches unbeneficial or distressing for their child. I am committed to working not just with the child but with parents; helping them discover new ways to help their child progress and have a positive impact on their relationship with their child.

Feldenkrais sessions for children are generally 30- 60 minutes long. I aim to offer a safe and playful environment in which children can explore movement and consolidate fundamental developmental movement patterns. Learning happens best when your child is engaged and having fun.


Suki Harris

“I love how Hannah teaches because she will turn a bit of work into a game. If I was good we got to do a little play together at the end. I would rate her 5 stars.” – Suki, age 11