Feldenkrais classes are a powerful tool to help you expand and refine your skills. By improving your sensory skills, you will develop greater dexterity and find new ways to refine your technique. Enhancing your ability to perceive subtle differences helps you make fine distinctions. Discovering unlimited movement possibilities feeds creativity and choreographic inspiration.

Through Feldenkrais, dancers find that learning to move with less effort and more efficiency increases stamina and minimises stress on muscles and joints. This can help you avoid, or recover from, injury.

As a dancer myself, I understand first-hand the needs and concerns of dancers, particularly when injured, and understand the inner workings of a wide range of dance techniques.


Oh my I have never been able to jump so high like in ballet today! I thought the whole grand allegro THANK YOU HANNAH!

– Anna Gunnarsdottir

The Feldenkrais approach has helped and continues to help me refine my understanding of my body. Feldenkrais helps my habits appear as positive resources from which to discover more range and capacity. In recovering from an injury to my ribs and sternum, FI work has been invaluable for helping me re-learn and re-integrate my moving – useful for my confidence, creating and performing.”

-Ali, dance artist and movement director